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This case study analyzes the Target data hack that occurred during the 2013 holiday season. The case study was written in collaboration with two other students in my class. To complete the case study, we researched the data hack and Target's response. From there, we analyzed the effectiveness of their actions and recommended steps they could have taken to address the situation to ease customer concern during the busy Christmas shopping season.

Skills Used:

Crisis Evaluation



In my public relations research methods course, my team conducted a focus group for the Auburn Public Library. My group conducted research to gather information regarding how current facilities are being used, as well as what facilities could be added to better suit the needs of the community. We also looked at what programs could be added that would benefit library patrons and attract new visitors.

Skills Used:

Focus Group Research and Analysis


This social media release is a proof-of-concept assignment for my style and design class. To showcase my ability to produce relevant and attractive content, I created a release to announce the 2016 South Walton Fashion Week event details. The release includes a pitch, background information, facts, quotes, multimedia, relevant links and social media links. Note: this is a mock release and is not sponsored by the event.

Skills Used:

AP Style writing


For my style and design class, I chose to create a tutorial on how to make a clickable button with Adobe CC InDesign. The InDesign software allows users to create buttons that perform an action when the document is exported to a fixed layout format such as a portable document file (PDF) or an electronic publication (EPUB). The buttons can take you to an external link or other pages within the document. I used Snagit to capture my screen while preforming the tutorial and uploaded the video to Vimeo.

Skills Used:

Adobe CC Indesign // Snagit // Vimeo


By partnering with FOX Sports University, my group was tasked with developing a fully integrated experiential marketing campaign that helps brands within the agriculture industry reach and impact the Auburn Athletic community. As a team, we wanted to know how we could connect brands to fans, and fans to brands, in a meaningful way that will add value to both sides of the partnership. This idea led us to Auburn Grown.

Software Used:

Logo - Adobe CC Illustrator // Experiential Marketing Campaign


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