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" I believe in education, which gives me the knowledge to work wisely and trains my mind and my hands to work skillfully."
- The Auburn Creed


GPA 3.91
Dean's list:
Fall 2014 - Spring 2016


Public Relations Society of America
Public Relations Council of Alabama
National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Auburn Circle Public Relations Team
Best Buddies Associate Member
The BIG Event Publicity Team


- Foundations of Public Relations
This course overviews the functions, practices and growing applications of public relations in both private industry and the public sector.
- Public Relations Case Studies and Ethics
This is a course designed to provide public relations students with an understanding of both effective and ineffective methods of PR through studying actual cases from the field itself. Students conduct a research case study on a real company.
- Writing for Public Relations
This course emphasizes communication tactics; planning, writing and producing public relations tools; audience and media selection; and writing for print and electronic media.
- Public Relations Research
This course covers basic research principles for survey and focus group research as it is used by mass media and public relations. Students are assigned a client for which they conduct research using methods taught in the course such as focus groups and surveys.
- Public Relations Campaigns
This course covers the application of theory, research data, and problem-solving techniques in the development of comprehensive public relations strategies. Students work in groups with a local client to form a campaign which the client can implement.
- Style and Design in Public Relations
A capstone course that applies style and design to public relations messages through the use of various content management systems and creative software such as Adobe InDesign and Dreamweaver. Students create digital resumes and portfolios showcasing their work throughout college.
- Principles of Marketing
An introductory course to marketing. Topics covered include marketing goods and services, consumer behavior, marketing research and marketing strategy.
- International Marketing
This course teaches students the strategy, policy and variables affecting international marketing decisions.
- Journalism Fundamentals
This course emphasizes the Associated Press Stylebook, word usage and spelling for students interested in print, broadcast, public relations and writing for web. Students are required to pass each exam with an 85 or higher.
- Newswriting
As an introduction to newswriting techniques, this course emphasizes learning news values, recognizing parts of a story and writing stories that meet standards of accuracy, grammar, style, spelling, law and ethics.
- Reporting
This class prepares students for careers in gathering and telling the news. The course emphasizes the writing of accurate, clear and meaningful news stories for print and digital formats.
- Concepts of Communication and Journalism
As an introduction to the basic principles of various communication forms, this course covers the dominant communication theories and communication industries.
- Intercultural Communication
This course explores different types of problems encountered when communicating with different cultures. A final project involves students observing different cultures on campus and recording their findings in a final paper.

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