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0n December 10, 2016, I will graduate from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, with a bachelor's degree in public relations. Auburn has prepared me and given me the tools needed to begin my professional career after graduation. This year, Auburn University ranked 43rd in the nation for the best public universities. During my time at Auburn, I was also involved in several campus organizations. View more about my time at Auburn, the loveliest village on the plains, in the education section of my digital resume.


In addition to my course work and involvement, I had the opportunity to gain knowledge in different real world settings. The experience I gained taught me about my work ethic as well as helped me determine and pursue the career path I will soon embark on after graduation. With a combination of agency and in-house experience, I have a unique set of skills that will be beneficial for my future endeavors. View more about my various internships and skills in the experience section of my digital resume.